About LadyBoss Glasses™

LadyBoss Glasses™ was birthed in response to symptom after symptom of chronic eye fatigue, experienced internationally by powerful and productive women in the workplace. Induced by long office hours and computer-related work activity, fatigue is plaguing Lady Bosses everywhere and keeping us from reaching our full potential. With the average woman putting nearly 10 hours of screentime in every single day, the LadyBoss team became shocked by how few remedies were out there on the market. Enter, Ladyboss Glasses™. 

The team here at LadyBoss decided that there had to be a better way. Surely, looking at computer screens didn't have to mean insomnia, migraines, or reduced productivity. Enter our first two collections: Classics and Creatives. Aimed with the savvy professional in mind, these accessories help relax the eyes and protect them from the impact of blue-light emitting devices at work and at home. Now, we have over four different collections to choose from, with styles constantly being updated to match the trends. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!